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Head Chef

Born and raised in Verona in the North-East of Italy, Chef Marco brings his culinary expertise and knowledge of Italian and local ingredients to our kitchen.

Marco’s passion for food brought him to different parts of the world. From his home in Italy, he traveled to Scotland, Cambodia, Abu Dhabi, and finally Thailand. He had the opportunity to join talented teams such as the one of the Three Michelin Star Chef at Roberto’s in Dubai in 2015, the Michelin Star J’Aime by Jean Michel Lorain in Bangkok, Four Seasons Resort in Chang Mai in 2017, the Oriental Residence and the Michelin Star Savelberg in Bangkok.

His interest in this industry stems from his father and the restaurant where Marco grew up. "My father taught me the importance of products’ quality. Before it was a trend,” Marco explains “he used to go personally to every single producer – even the most unknown one - to choose only the best to serve to his customers. He respected each producer and what their role meant in the restaurant business.”

After a short interlude, Marco joined for a while the new family’s restaurant in the Valpolicella area and then embarked on a

100-day journey in Asia where he fell in love with the territory and cuisine. That journey never had an end and has continued for eight years.

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