Luca was born in Nole, a small city in the northwest of Italy just outside of Turin. Luca grew up in a family with long roots in Alba province, where his family still produces a small variety of Barbera and Dolcetto wines of Piedmont.

In his early 20’s, Luca had already realized his passion for food and creation, and started his career in some small local Osterias. Later he moved on to some bigger restaurants in the south of Italy where he worked in the renowned kitchens of Ostuni Apuglia ,Simeri and Capo Rizzuto Calabria. His experience then took him to Bodrum, Turkey where Luca refined his Mediterranean taste. He returned to his roots in Piedmont region at Sauze D’Oulx.

In 2004 Luca was called to Thailand to start up a new restaurant called Enoteca in Bangkok. The final step in Luca’s long career began in November 2008 with the opening of his own award winning restaurant, La Bottega di Luca.If you ask him what makes the different in his cuisine, he is quick to reply “the Passion , if you do it with passion everything becomes better….”